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If you work with food or food equipment, we have various virtual assistants for you. We have major expertise in integrating assistant systems that run on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Your custom tailored trained AI assistants acquire skills such as food recognition, detecting preparation states or assessing counts. They interact with us by intuitive user interfaces such as touch screens or voice commands and reach adaptive control capabilities by analyzing sensor and big data sources from computer vision, audio temperatures, timings and much more.

Regardless if you’re cooking jerk chicken, baking croissants, or brewing dark roast coffee, our deep neural network based agents can integrate in your processes enable new levels of quality consistency or automation and further improve your customer experience.


Optimize and monitor your food equipment and even large industrial production lines with our intelligent solutions powered by PreciTaste.


TasteOS by PreciTaste is an independent commercial cooking and baking platform. Our platform, TasteOS for the connected kitchen assisted by BakeIT™ - Technology for baking considerations is our own independent, open platform developed by us.

As TasteOS is vendor-independent, you can connect all kinds of devices. Powerful, state-of-the-art technology and smart UI-design enables you to map your whole value chain as well as individual processes in your factory, shop or kitchen. It can record all kinds of data, such as technical data as well as picture, voice data etc. Simply set up the platform with the local server, connect it with various devices and then it takes over the communication with the overlying cloud service. TasteOS can operate independently during possible internet downtimes thus proves a great advantage in such circumstances. TasteOS is vital to access your AI-enabled services and solutions powered by PreciTaste.

About Us

If driving can be done autonomously - computers should be able to support me in cooking, baking or brewing. This vision unites a large number of AI engineers, embedded systems and smart sensor specialists, industrial project technicians, IT and data analysts, UI designers, tech savvy chefs, baristas and bakers to support business clients from food equipment manufacturers to large scale industrial food production. We pride ourselves in creating and supporting with reliable solutions that become useful everyday tools. Our proven track record includes the Virtual Baker marketed under our baking brand PreciBake®

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